:: Elektrock ::

Zirkuklardynamik, the Berlin-based Elektrock-Band, creates new and danceable sounds by combinig electronic loops and spontaneous noise-rock. Again and again, the seven musicians amaze themselves and their audience, supported by never-seen-before visual FX, the 'Optonik'.

Zirkulardynamik. Elektrock.

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:: For organizers ::

Technical Rider, Stageplan and Info in pdf-format.


:: Zirkulardynamik are ::

- Daniel Atzorn -

Feedbacks, Vocals

- Alexander Winkler -

Sequencing, Drumcomputer

- Johannes Keller -


- Cord Gonsiorek -

Keyboard, Synthesizer

- Sebastian Becher -


- Alexander Buchholz -


- Thomas Riha -


- Firas Sabbagh -


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:: History ::

Since the year 2000, Dan, Alex and Johannes were active in creating ambient-noise. But soon, more danceable and faster tracks were created. One after another, guitar, keyboards, turntables and, of course, the 'Optonik' joined the team. A reliable infrastructure emerged after a while, with Henry Farkas as booker and primary contact for organizers. Lennert Hörcher, our mixer, is also part of the gang and indispensible with his special knowledge of our sounds and corrupt personalities.

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:: Live ::

- Clubs & Festivals -

MFE (Berlin) | Station Park (Berlin) | MS Stubnitz (Rostock) | Safe take off - Bundesgelenkschutz sylvester party at V8 (Berlin) | Glitzer.25 party at Chemiefabrik (Dresden) | [030] Festival at Kesselhaus (Kulturbrauerei Berlin) | Elfentanz-Festival | Fusion-Festival | Spielraum party at Waggonhalle (Marburg) | Cassiopeia (Berlin) | Künstlerhaus/Strike 23 (Berlin) | Bundesgelenkschutz party at Icon (Berlin) | Open-Air concert at Oststrand (Berlin) | K9 (Berlin) | JAZ (Rostock)

- Airplay -

After our release of 'Bessere Welt' at the kanadian weblabel Nishi our tracks were played at the japanese podcast Music Forest Radio und the radioshow Black Sweater, White Cat of WBCR-LP, 97.7 Great Barrington, Massachusetts, USA.
In june 2004 we won the demo-contest at the radioshow 'Popagenten' of Radio Fritz (Berlin) and gave one of the most ground-breaking interviews in history of rock music.


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